Joyya works with multiple shipping agents to get your products delivered to you in the most economical way given your timing requirements for delivery.  To learn more about how Joyya decides where to ship your order form, click HERE

Delivery time will vary depending on where your order is shipping from. However, some general guiding principles are:

  • If your order is shipping domestically in the US, NZ or AUS, delivery time will be 2-7 business days. Usually, this is the case for blank tees and other products carried in our local inventory.
  • From international shipments (typically from our factory in Kolkata), the delivery times are:
    • To the US between 4-10 business days.
    • To NZ or AUS between 10-20 business days

If you need your products in a hurry, you will usually have the option of selecting an expedited shipping option during the checkout process. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service team to request this service.

Occasionally, for international shipments that must past through customs, the customs office will conduct a deeper inspection of an order, which can delay delivery of a shipment. This is not a common occurrence and our customer care team will be in contact with the Customs office and shipping agent if this happens.