All Joyya products are sold to benefit the communities we work in. We operate 4 factories across our different communities, that range in size from a small team of 10-12 people, to a larger building housing multiple production units (over 100 people). Our factories handle all the steps from cutting and sewing product, to getting it printed and packed.

There are times where due to capacity constraints, we partner with like-minded manufacturers to complete orders. This is an essential part of our sustainability as a business, and we will always let you know if any part of your order needs to be outsourced. To learn more about WHY Outsourcing is so Critical for us, check out this article.

You can also learn more about some of the individual production steps in the links below:

  1. How do we source our raw materials?
  2. How does fabric cutting happen?
  3. Where and how do we sew your products?
  4. How are products printed?
  5. How are products packed?
  6. What is our quality control process?

Note: We work to ensure our systems are standardized across all orders, but specific processes may vary in the case of highly customized orders.