We're about seeing communities transformed, and we define communities as a group of people belonging to a place. So, when we talk about transformation, it’s more than simply people’s lives. We also want to see the places they inhabit transformed and restored.

We have the privilege of living with communities that inhabit the outskirts and margins of India. These are places where clean water, clear air and good soil are not guaranteed. They are rights that our communities must fight for. We want to be in solidarity with our communities, and see these places restored.

If we’re honest, we has a long way to go in that goal.

We’re a young company in an industry traditionally known for poor labor and environmental practices. It is difficult to change attitudes and hearts of ourselves, our suppliers and our customers. But we believe it can be done.

Our first ten years were about proving that a business for the poor and marginalized can work, and we want our next chapter to be about proving they can indeed transform.

It’s in that spirit that we’re announcing our Good Earth 2035 vision. Our vision entails committing to:

Good Air:

  • Reaching Net-Zero Carbon emissions by 2035, across our supply chain.
  • Investing in energy-efficient machinery across all production processes.
  • Regular air-quality audits across all our factories.

Good Water:

  • Reaching Net-Zero waste water generation by 2035.
  • Investing in on-site water treatment systems for run-off.
  • Tracking total water usage across all facilities with usage reduction targets.

Good Ground:

  • Continued commitment to provide organic cotton and jute products globally.
  • Ensure 100% of material waste passes through multi-stream recycling.


We know we have a lot to do to reach our vision. When we started, people said you can’t build a profitable business in a red-light area, slum or rural village. Perhaps it’s tempting to believe you can’t build an Earth-friendly one either. But we've surrounded ourselves with like minded local, national and international businesses and a supply chain from all over India that believes we can see change in this life time

However, as someone once said about reaching the moon – We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.