We want to be good to both people and planet. As part of that commitment, we strive to ensure our supply chain shares the same values we do. To learn more about our certifications and supply chain audit process, check out the article HERE.

We know our customers care deeply about how their products are made. As part of that process, we strive to be as transparent as possible on our sourcing systems. The list below shows our main suppliers for key raw materials across our production process. However the list is not comprehensive, since sometimes due to availability, we have to source from alternative suppliers.

Not all of our suppliers are fully certified. Large fabric manufacturers tend to have the resources and experience to invest in certification processes and accreditation. However, some products are only available through smaller local businesses that often lack the systems and resources to ensure they are operating at an ethical standard. Our audit process tries to ensure that (a) where possible we are seeking ethical partners and (b) we are actively engaging our suppliers to improve their business practices for the good of people and place.


 - The Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills (Knitted Cotton)

 - S.S.V. Textiles (Canvas & Sheeting)

 - T.T. Textilewings (Canvas & Sheeting)

 - Gloster Mills (Jute)

Packaging, Labels & Tags

 - Tirupati Enterprise

 - Sushmana Enterprise

 - Bengal Paper Works

 - Yash Enterprises

 - Kadambari Impex

Inks & Paints

 - Nilesh Enterprises

 - Balaji Chemicals

Threads, Fasteners

 - Kothari Thread

 - B.B. Thread

 - Victory Metal

 - A.R. International

 - Ess Kay International