Joyya's production is split across 4 locations. Our sewing teams are split into Woven and Knitted products. The main reasons for this split are (a) different sewing machines required and (b) knit fabrics are more technically challenging and require additional training. Our screen printing unit consists of screen making, paint mixing and printing.

Staff levels as of April 2021

What is the production capacity?

Production capacity is a dynamic figure. It is impacted by our holiday and festival calendar and employee absenteeism. Since different products take different amounts of time to make, capacity can also vary by the exact configuration of a production. There are no hard and fast capacity estimates. That is why our customer care teams are constantly working to give you a real-time estimate of our production capacity and delivery dates.

That being said, we can give a rough estimate of monthly production capacity. This is purely useful as a rule-of-thumb. We often cross-train our staff so that we can increase or decrease exact capacity in response to demand, and obviously the capacity will vary based on exact product specifications.

Woven Capacity: Our production teams can make an average of 900 simple cotton tote bags each working day. Cotton tote bags are relatively simple, and so this would represent the higher-end of capacity, with the production capacity for a complex bag with lots of fasteners and sewing lines being somewhat lower.

Knitted Capacity: Our production teams can make an average of 400 unisex medium Joyya tees each working day. There isn't much variation in sewing times across different tees patterns, so this capacity tends to be more consistent across products.

Printing Capacity: Printing capacity is the trickiest to estimate as it is heavily impacted by the type of fabric, the complexity of the print and the number of screens. Jute fabrics take longer to dry and dark fabrics require multiple passes. Larger prints take longer to make, and printing speed is also impacted by seasons as moisture and heat impact the process substantially. Instead of giving a capacity estimate, we have listed our screen printing machines below.

 - 1x Exposing Machine (link)

 - 1x 6C/6S Hix Screen printing machine

 - 1x 8C/8S Hix Screen printing machine

 - 2x 6 press Cheran Screen printing machines (link)

 - 1x 8 press Cheran Screen printing machines (link)