When Joyya commit's to participating in a community, we look at how our business can make a positive impact at both an individual and communal level. While our charitable work focuses on capacity building in the community, our business intends to an Economic Engine for transformation

The 4 Components of Economic Impact

We want our business to focus on doing what businesses can do unique well. Our impact areas are split into 4 categories. For each category, we look at certain indicators to help us assess our level of impact.

1) Provide Economic Stability

 - Increase the average wage level for our staff

 - Increase the number of jobs we offer

 - Increase the entry-level wage for the lowest level job

2) Realize Economic Potential

 - Increase internal promotion

 - Facilitate successful external job placements

 - Develop deep professional training for ALL staff

+ Joyya ensures that every staff member (regardless of seniority) has at least 2-hours each week towards personal development and training

3) Create an Economic Canopy

 - Support local businesses in our procurement

 - Invest time, training and funds in local small businesses

 - Help shape and improve the economic identity of a community

4) Donate Developmental Assistance

 - Invest in measuring the economic health of a community

 - Fund developmental projects in a community

 - Donate time and talent to projects in our community.

As we grow, we will look to publish both baseline and year-over-year performance against each of these areas for each community in which we operate.