With the billions of tees sold globally, it can be hard to tell them apart. What makes one tee feel soft with a great fit, and another feel rough. A lot of what makes a tee great is the fabric it is made from.  All of our tees are made from either 100% Organic Cotton or from a 60-40 Polycotton Bi-Blend.

100% Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is a ring-spun single-knit jersey fabric. The cotton fabric is GOTS certified and traceable to the farm level. To learn more about our certifications click HERE.

Most of our cotton tees are made using 160 GSM (grams per square meter) cotton. For our white tees, we use a slightly heavier 180 GSM cotton.

60-40 Polycotton Bi-Blend

Our bi-blend fabric is made with 60% GOTS organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. The tees provide a different feel while still being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Why do we use Ring-Spun Cotton?

Most cheap tees are made using carded open end cotton, which is a cheaper production process that results in a heavier and scratchier tee. Ring spun cotton is made using a circular knitting process that results in a softer retail quality t-shirt. Even if you're just buying some tees for a company event, we don't think you should have to compromise on quality, so we ensure EVERY tee we made is made from Ring-Spun Fabric. 

Printing on Ring-Spun Cotton?

Joyya tees are made to be printed on. Whether you want them printed by us and shipped to you ready to go, or if you want to use some of our blanks and print them at home or your local printer, we know that we want the graphics to look good on your tee. One of the benefits of Ring-Spun cotton is that the finer fabric is easier to print on. Especially as many local shops print small orders using DTG (Direct to Garment) printers, we want to make sure our tees are easy to use. The thinner and tightly wound cotton provides a much flatter surface for the prints to come on and set evenly.

To learn more about

 - our fabric certifications click HERE

 - how the fabric is dyed click HERE

 - our standard fabric colors click HERE

 - our Pantone Color specification system click HERE