Joyya's bags come in both cotton and jute. To learn more about cotton fabric click HEREJoyya's uses ethical jute in every bag. To learn more about our certifications click HERE. Our jute bags come in both laminated and unlaminated jute. Our jute is a plain weave with a 14 x 15 strand count (strands per square inch).

What is Jute?

The term jute originated from the word ‘jhuta or jora’ from the Oriya language. Oriya is an old Indian language that is now only spoken by only 4.2% of the Indian population. When Britain colonized India the term stuck and it is now used through out Great Britain and its colonies. India is the world’s largest producer of jute and it is where all our bags start out. Jute is a more refined version of the typical hessian fabric, it offers a higher quality product and a softer finish. This makes jute the perfect material for producing our natural bags.

Hessian and burlap are the terms used for a more rustic and coarse fabric, whereas jute is the most refined and high quality version. This is why jute is more commonly used to produce natural bags, despite the fact hessian seems to be the most popular word on the street. So all those hessian bags you’ve collected on the back of your door are more likely to have a jute origin!

How is Jute grown?

Jute is a natural fiber that is traditionally farmed in similar conditions to organic farming. The jute plant is rotated, while NO pesticides or fertilizers are used in the growing process and nothing is Genetically Modified. Jute is mainly grown in West Bengal (India) and grows fully in 4-6 months.

What is Laminated Jute?

Natural jute is a loose-weave flexible fabric with a dynamic texture. However, when a bag needs more stiffness or needs to be water-tight, a thin layer of laminate is applied to the back of the jute. Joyya uses laminated jute in its Shopper bags and pouches. When times comes to discard the bag, the PP layer can be removed which leaves a completely biodegradable Jute bag.

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