Sometimes, customers want us to make our standard bags or tees using a slightly different fabric. This may mean using cotton with a lower GSM, or using a different type of fabric (twill weave, waxed fabric, silk, polyester etc.).  Other times, they may want a custom attachment (metal zippers, custom buckles, leather handles etc.)

We don't carry these raw materials is stock, so fulfilling such a request is usually quite complicated. It simply doesn't make financial sense for us to do this on a small order. Therefore, there is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 2000 units for us to begin looking at a custom raw material.

If you think your request meets the MOQ, send the request to our customer care team. They will discuss the request with our product designers, sourcing and manufacturing team to see if such a request if feasible given capacity and capability. If it's NOT POSSIBLE, they will try to explain the reasons the request could not be fulfilled. Where possible, they may suggest alternative manufacturers who may be able to meet your requirements.

If, at first glance, we think the request IS POSSIBLEwe will send a request for more detailed specifications and initiate the design process. The design process will have a flat non-refundable upfront fee, and the customer care team will discuss lead-times and connect you with the appropriate design professionals.

Starting the design process does NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to produce the order. Issues discussed during a detailed design phase may result in us being unable to proceed, but if we can proceed, we will discuss custom pricing and lead-times with you. Please be aware that lead-times and pricing will be inherently more uncertain as custom materials will require working with new suppliers.